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Over the last few years ScreenBoo have been specialising in podcast production and other conversational content such as interviews, panel sessions and Youtube style chat shows, Fireside chats etc.
We offer full production including audio and video recording as well as editing, bespoke graphics and social media clips. With year of TV and radio experience we can also help you structure your content and keep it engaging and flowing. We also offer filming and editing only packages so if you simply want to send us your files to edit we can do that whether filmed on location or via video call OR perhaps you have the audio side of things covered but need us to come along and film - we've got you covered. 

We can offer affordable prices due to a full mobile podcast set up that enables us to come to you or your location of choice. 

*For studio filming extra costs may be incurred 



We've been filming and editing Coast Cast for the last year for the award winning team from Coast Fest. It's so much fun and can't wait to be running their 'Podcast stage' at this years festival.
Check out all episodes including pop up pod sessions here

Over the past year we have been working with our partners Scan Pro Video on their 'Beyond the Frames Podcast that focuses on technology in the media and entertainment industry. 


Talking AI is what it says on the tin.. it's a studio based podcast discussing the business side of AI and Deep learning across a variety of industries watch all episodes here Talking AI 


With 2023 over it's time to sit down and talk about . @RageDarling alongside special guests @Mavitivo, @Immonate and @KillerPigeon to discuss the Game of the Year awards 2023. We produce a variety of content for the Scan Pro Gaming YouTube channel 


Podcast production can cost as little as £150 this will usually be if multiple episodes are filmed and recorded on the same day and will be based on a maximum of 4 people on the podcast and a 40min duration limit for the podcast as well as a light touch edit only 

Other cost implications are
- extra people 
- extra cameras (the above is based on 2 camera shoot) 
- amount of editing needed 
- location 
- producing (pre production meetings, practice sessions, direction) 
- bespoke graphics 
- extra requests for assets, pop ups and cutaways to be added in 


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